We help our recycling partners decrease their waste disposal costs, and minimize their environmental footprint

Product Destruction and Recycling

     (for packaged liquid waste products)


Synergy Solutions provides 100% landfill-free recycling of unsalable sugar-based products to manufacturers and distributors of soft drinks, beer, distilled spirits, molasses and candy.  Unsalable products that would otherwise be destined for landfills or sewer systems, are recycled and converted to energy at our facility in rural Georgia.

The waste products are “de-packaged” and individual containers (plastic, glass, aluminum) are perforated for further processing. The distressed, out-of-date, or contaminated liquid is extracted and ultimately processed into fuel-grade cellulosic ethanol, a 100% renewable advanced biofuel. The containers and cardboard packaging are all separated, processed and sent to recyclers or end-users. There is no product, container or amount of waste that we cannot handle given the size of our operation.

As part of our product destruction service, Synergy Solutions provides our recycling partners with Certificate of Destruction and Tax Recovery assistance to ensure that they benefit entirely from their own environmentally sensitive efforts.


Bulk Liquid Waste Recycling

Synergy Solutions can also accept bulk liquid waste product which has been deemed unsalable for any reason. Bulk liquid waste is processed, just like the packaged liquids, into a fuel-grade cellulosic ethanol; a 100% renewable advanced biofuel.  We have the capacity and structure to accept tanker loads of liquid waste product. 


Municipal Recycling

Our automated recycling plant uses state-of-the-art technology to sort, clean and package recyclables for reuse in the marketplace.  We process MSW.



Synergy Solutions follows, and in many cases strives to exceed, all rules and regulations of the U.S. Government for product destruction and recycling. Our process ensures that your company’s product is properly handled and destroyed while following all federal mandates.